Thaisa Morelli

Product designer with over 2 years of experience in UX/UI Design and 5 years as a Web Designer, specialized in SaaS


Step-by-step friendly form, where the user can see the progress of each step and thus know that in just a few moments they will have completed their registration on the platform

My journey

Passionate for human behavior since college, when I did my bachelor’s in Fashion Design.
After 5 years working with Web Design, I found out that UX design, besides helping me design better landing pages, was all about the study of human behavior.
Since then a deep dived into UX and UI design studies, also took some certified courses, and that’s how I became a Product designer.

Besides my professional career, I am a mother of 3 little furry babys (aka cats), and a few plants, living with my companion in a Brazilian coastal town near São Paulo.

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